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Rent Mercedes Viano and high luxury BUS in Relax Tours

Brand new high luxury bus in Relax Tours

Relax Tours Travel Agency proudly represents the possibility of renting Highly Luxury Tourist bus, at your disposal.

Possibility of renting Highly Luxury Tourist bus is ideal for the implementation of travel and passenger transport in the long and short run, as in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. Equipped with the most luxurious aircraft-style seats, seats that provide absolute flexibility in the shift that offers a very comfortable ride. Number of seats is reduced, which created a lot of room for more enjoyable stay travelers, compared to a commercial busses, making it the perfect transportation for groups of travelers who want to relaxing ride to their destinations.

High luxury tourist bus has the most modern technical facilities that provide passengers feeling safe, comfortable and extremely independent driving. Bus has:

  • kitchen,
  • toilette,
  • CD / DVD player,
  • plasma TV,
  • LED lights inside,
  • and more content that will travel by bus rise to an entirely new level, a level that will, even the most demanding travelers, give a luxury trip.

For travelers who want to, the environment through which they are passing, experience in a different way, there are highly sophisticated panoramic glasses with Absorb effect of the sun's rays.

Quality guarantee is certificate of the German TUF (the checks), which combined with the most modern and most sophisticated technical equipment for self-maintenance and concept “first ownership” (after producer MAN) instills a sense of great security for each passenger. Bus exposed specifications is adapted to the organization of all types of group travels for special purposes. Under this we mean, high rent luxury buses for seminars, symposia, conferences, festivals, field trip, and for other purposes that can be maximally fulfilled thanks to our tourist bus.

Organizing tourist trips and hire highly luxurious buses, provide to travelers a relaxing way of travel to the destination, which gives a better perception of the destination itself and ultimately satisfied clients. Rent a highly luxurious bus agencies Relax Tours, will satisfy all your needs for the perfect organization of the trip.

Rent Mercedes Viano

Relax Tours travel agency represents a possibility of lease high luxury car, which will provide You a totally pleasant and luxury ride to You destination.

It is a completely new vehicle Mercedes Viano with equipment package "Ambiente", which can accommodate 6 persons so it falls in the category of "Mini Van's.”

Possibility to rent a car we have developed for all business and private users who want to have maximum security, independence and economic viability in their group travels. Equipped with the most luxurious equipment that makes it perfect transportation assets used for group travelers who want to relaxing ride to their destinations.

The car has the most advanced technical facilities that provide passenger feeling safe, comfortable and extremely independent while driving,.

With this possibility we can organize all types of group travel for special purposes.

By that we mean, a rental car for:

  • representative drive,
  • business meetings,
  • seminars,
  • symposia,
  • conferences,
  • festivals,
  • field trip,

and for other purposes that can be maximally satisfied. In the framework of rental cars on offer is the driver with the knowledge of English and German language.

So, if you want provide Your guests a ride in style, riding in VIP conditions, please contact us.

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