Imagine travelling to the area where rivers and lakes are pure and clear, where the land is vast and unexplored, and where abundant wildlife roams freely. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a prime destination for fishermen and hunters…

This is a country where you can fish or if you are not willing to throw a fish-hook, you can try some of the exceptionally prepared fishes in one of many restaurants on some of the restaurants nearby Bosnian Rivers.

Visitors from around the world keep coming back to B-H to hunt and angle on its beautiful mountains and on banks of its fresh rivers…

Eco – centre Loncari

This interesting experiment is on the halfway mark between cities Banja Luka and Prijedor. Armed with only a beautiful piece of property, a few men had a vision of creating an eco-centre in the Omarska area. They built a 30-acre park complete with walking paths, ten ponds/lakes for fishing and swimming, and a health food restaurant. The dense hardwood forests cover a good part of the centre and there are walking trails through them. Hunting is not permitted. There is also a camping place and that makes it perfect destination for backpackers interested in wild nature.

Sava River

This river makes a natural boarder to the Croatia in the north. Sava River is also an interesting waterway. Aside from it being a major navigation alley to the Danube there are dozens of hidden spots for canoeing and high quality fishing. There are many fishing associations in the region that can organize competitions and outings.

Pliva River

Plivais relatively small river in central parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, however one of the most significant in terms of natural, cultural and historical heritage and value as a natural rarity. The pure, spring-fed waters in the rivers and lakes of the Pliva River Region have provided superb fishing opportunities for decades. The Pliva River has a well-deserved reputation as one of Europe's best fly fishing rivers.


RELAX TOURS can arrange hunting tours for the lovers of the wildlife. This enormous forest is since centuries favorite hunting spots for people in the entire region. The dense forest and lack of any human settlements have created a sanctuary for bears, wolves, deer, eagles, chamois, boar and a plethora of other wild animals. Hunting associations are very active here and there are many mountain and hunting lodges dotting the forest. Also Duboka Valley (Deep Valley) is a designated hunting area covered by thick spruce. Kalin Mountain is a popular weekend area for hikers and nature lovers. The Hunting Centre of Gradacac organizes duck, rabbit, and pheasant hunts on 37,000 hectares of land. Every year in the city of Gradacac there is an international plum fair and a literature fair, both very small and local, making it that much more exciting.

One of the most attractive hunting area in Bosnia and Herzegovina is called ”Susica”. It covers area of 9.000 acres in the highland regions of the commune. Unique ambiental features within this hunting ground provokes at visitors the sense of mesmerised beauty, many gazebos looking towards endless forest areas, canyon and curve flow of the river Drina to complete these impressions. Inside these hunting grounds there are hunt highs which offer marvellous possibilities for photosafari lovers but also provide more efficient hunting.

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