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Dear Tour Operator, Travel Agent and our valuable Guests

How do you imagine a perfect travel agency as a partner you would like to work with?!

We suppose, you seek for the one with the longest experience, the one with the best knowledge and competence in the field of tourism, the one with the most polite and hard working specialized stuff, the one with success and best reputation both locally and internationally and the one who's policy is staying ahead of all your expectations...

Congratulations, you have found such a partner!

The first Relax Tours opened its doors in 1988. as a first private travel agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a one-desk office in its capital, Sarajevo. Here, it introduced Bosnian travelers to a new concept: A complete package, with hotel, flights, transfers and more purchased with a single booking. It was the beginning of a new era, one where long-distance leisure travel was affordable for the working person.

Today, as the largest Bosnian travel agency, our aim is to offer and provide a broad range of travel services for individuals, families, business travelers or groups (incoming and outgoing) at affordable rates suitable for all budgets...Our client, partner and consumer must be satisfied as we are very well equipped to handle an increasingly sophisticated and demanding clientele...

Awards such as Travel Oscar (2002) and Manager of the year (2008) which Relax Tours received are a great proof of our hard and dedicated work.

As a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association Nr.:74 3 20 18 6) Relax Tours consists of 3 offices (one branch) using a global reservation system (Amadeus) and have English, German and Italian speaking staff. Relax Tours as a leading Bosnian travel agency has special contracts with the world's leading companies such as: TUI Group (Austria and Germany), Regent, Central School of English, EC and Study Group and is their special sales agent.

At the moment, Relax Tours has 46 employees which are there at your demand to bring your holiday to its highest expectations and give you personal attention while you are sitting back and enjoying the tour. Working with Relax Tours, you will soon realize that our experts are among the best and brightest travel agents in the industry. They offer firsthand knowledge of many destinations and undergo training in order to provide a better booking experience to Relax Tours customers.

So, as a customer of Relax Tours be sure to enjoy an excellent travel assistance.

Our wide range of services are listed below:

Incoming to Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Being the oldest and strongest travel agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina gives Relax Tours un¬precedented buying power. You will be able to enjoy an amazing trip to Bosnia at the most affordable rates. Relax Tours can create all kinds of tours and trips you like, from the luxury ones with high quality 5* hotels, to the ones that suit big families with low budget.

Airplane tickets:
Being an international IATA agent and having direct contacts with many airlines, Relax Tours has access to thousands of discounted airfares worldwide and can arrange for you to fly to any international location with all major companies such as Alitalia, Lufthansa, Swissair, Adria airways, Austrian airlines etc. We have the best offer of airplane tickets and we can also deliver them on your home address, on your request.

Charter flights:

Relax Tours is very proud to be the first agency on the market that started doing charter flights to many of the destinations in the globe, specializing Egypt.

Travel services:
If you plan to travel for pleasure we would offer various tours to any country of the world, based on the contracts with the best tour operators and attractive prices.
Relax Tours provides complete travel and tourism services for groups and individuals, including worldwide hotel reservations, escorted tours, private tours, city tours, safaris, cruises and participation in internationally hosted celebrations and festivals.

Organization of Conference meetings, workshops, conventions and promotions, including all equipment (printed material etc.). We successfully organized meetings for a lot of companies and organizations such as USAID, BCYF, PHARE, GTZ, CRS, WORLD BANK, ICMC etc.

Transfers and Rentals:
If you want increased flexibility, why not to take the advantage of our negotiated rates with principal car rental companies. Alternatively, we also offer an airport transfer service both to and from Bosnia. We also have real estate services (house, flats).

We will be glad to organize various excursions for primary/secondary schools and universities for which we guarantee most favourable prices.

Business Travel:
Travel Professionals, for Traveling Professionals.
Relax Tours might be the best place to get away from work, but it can also be the best place to get to work, when work means going beyond the office. Designed for small to me¬dium-sized businesses, Relax Tours gives those traveling for work the individualized service and the personal attention of a travel agent, a customized travel plan, and more.

Courses of foreign languages:
For the past few years we are successfully organizing courses of foreign languages in domicile countries in their school centers such as: London, Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, Boston, New York, Florida, Malta, etc...

Our Customers
The only thing for certain that our customers have in common is that they are all going somewhere. College students, newlyweds, families, those celebrating retirement, and everyone in between are among the 500,000 people who book travel with us each year. Many of our customers are looking for luxury getaways in some of the world’s most exclusive spots, while our great travel and airfare rates appeal to those hunting for a bargain. We build packages based on each customer and their interests, so the experience you are looking for is the one you find...

Relax Tours continues the tradition, and remains a leader in the travel industry it helped build. We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our offices, and we are sure you will have unforgettable time and beautiful memories brought back with you from one of our trips.....

Agency I
Terezije bb

Tel: +387 33 270 060
Fax: +387 33 270 061

Agency II
Zelenih Beretki 22

Tel: +387 33 263 330
Fax: +387 33 263 331

Head office
Alekse Šantića 5

Tel: +387 33 263 190
Fax: +387 33 551 400

Your partner for the best created tours… Relax Tours!!!


Poslovnica I

Terezije bb
Tel: +387 33 270 060
Fax: +387 33 270 061

Poslovnica II

Zelenih Beretki 22
Tel: +387 33 263 330
Fax: +387 33 263 331

Poslovnica Tuzla

Turalibegova 13 - Korzo
Tel: +387 35 364 075
Fax: +387 35 364 076


Alekse Šantića 5
Tel: +387 33 263 190
Fax: +387 33 551 400


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