Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, lies in a valley which is the meeting place of many roads, and has expanded following the flow of the Miljacka River. The city was established in 15th century and it had its own water supply system from the time, something a few European cities of the era could boast about. Sarajevo acquired its first tram in 1884, even before Vienna.

One of Sarajevo’s distinct features is a mixture of different styles, the Islamic - Oriental style from the Ottoman Empire era, where the Ottomans for centuries built Sarajevo into one of the most remarkable oriental cities in southern Europe. The neoclassical architecture from the period of the Austro - Hungarian Empire, also left a significant mark on the cultural, historical and architectural heritage of Sarajevo. Much of the city center will remind You of Vienna. This city is a fascinating destination – exotic, safe, shockingly inexpensive by European standards, stuffed with history... Sarajevo lets You sample the past. Enjoy the beautiful smell of our fabulous tasty charcoal-grilled cevapcici... Taste delicious Oriental sweets and relax in some of the serene outdoor cafes, with a coffee prepared in a special and traditional Bosnian way... Can You imagine a place where the new and the old, the traditional and the modern, the East and the West are all intertwined? Yes that’s right, this is Sarajevo! Others have, said it for us: ”the air is freer in Sarajevo, a charming, sophisticated city"