Neum is the only BH town located on the Adriatic coast. It is an attractive tourist resort that has seen a genuine resurgence in the past 10 years. Every year it’s nearly 25 km long riviera attracts increasing numbers of domestic tourists and also the foreign ones, especially from neighboring countries and from Central Europe. The sea at Neum, which according to the ancient legend Odyssey himself sailed, is always placid, warm and pleasant for swimming. Neum has several large tourist hotels and prices tend to be lower than in neighboring countries. In addition, the numerous restaurants in the town offer sea food specialties cooked in dozens of different ways. The land protected cove makes it ideal for swimming, jet skiing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Paddle a bit further out and the sea opens up to those looking for wind whipping parasailing or great deep sea fishing.

Tourism in Neum is active only in the coastal region. The inland area behind Neum has a rich archeological history and untouched wilderness and is starting to develop agricultural tourism.