Banja Luka is the largest city in Northern Bosnia and second largest city in the country. Inhibited since Roman rule, but the name of the town was mentioned for the first time in the middle of the 15-th century. There is a substantial evidence of the Roman presence in the region during the first few centuries of the new era, including one of the most popular tourist sites in city - an old fort called “Kastel” in the center of the city.

Today Banja Luka stands as the economic and cultural center of Northern Bosnia. This city is rich with cultural and historical buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Numerous Orthodox monasteries and mosques were built four or five centuries ago and many of them are still in use. Parks and boulevards are the symbol of this city that together with the river Vrbas gives this town a very specific charm. The National Park Kozara is only 40 km from the city of Banja Luka. Kozara’s dense forest and hilly meadows have earned the nickname “Green Beauty of Krajina”. It is surrounded with some of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sava, Una, Sana and Vrbas. This is an. ideal area for hunting, fishing, walking, hiking, biking and skiing in wintertime.